Sound & Acoustic Testing

Acoustic & Sound Testing for Building Regulations Part E

Approved Document E dictates that at least 10% of new dwellings must be tested for acoustic performance, to ensure that the levels of insulation separating the dwellings meets with the regulation’s minimum standards.

Whilst compliance can also be achieved by using design details approved by Robust Details Ltd, acoustic testing and certification is typically preferred as a more accountable, quantifiable means of acceptance that is beyond reproach.

About The Acoustic Test

The nature of the test in each situation depends on the type of dwelling. Buildings with party walls and floors require a set of six separate tests to establish wall performance against airborne sound, as well as floor performance against airborne and impact sound. Building control will influence the selection of rooms to test.

Building control will also have the final say on the exact requirements for testing on a site-by-site basis. In many cases, the 10% minimum requirement is exceeded (for example, on sites of fewer than 10 houses) and any failed tests will increase the number of houses that require testing.

Our Acoustic / Sound Testing

Our tests take around two hours to complete and we welcome you to witness the process. All we need is a completed property (windows and doors fitted), with no carpets or furniture. Only trades that don’t create significant noise should be working on site during the acoustic test, to avoid interference with the results. We also need completed GA drawings, including construction details, to reveal the building’s spec.

For any site in Devon & Cornwall, we can attend site, work with building control to measure the acoustic performance and issue the appropriate certification to make sure you pass Part E quickly and efficiently. If you don’t pass, we work with you to plan remedial action for a re-test – all included within our standard fee.

Whilst we’re on site, what else can we do for you? We offer air tightness testing, floor plans, EPCs and much more. The more we handle for you, the more you save.

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