SAP Calculations & Reports

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

SAP is the Government’s procedure for rating the energy efficiency of dwellings. It has been adopted as part of the UK national methodology for energy performance calculations and is the standard behind Energy Performance Certificates, now a huge part of the UK property industry.

SAP calculations are required for all new build projects, conversions and extensions where the glazed area is more than 25% of the floor area, in order to meet Building Regulations Part L compliance standards.

For domestic and commercial properties, the SAP calculations are undertaken at the beginning of the design process, during and at completion. This enables you to consistently monitor any changes during the build that impact on the energy rating of the project and adjust accordingly.

What’s included in our SAP service?

  • Nationwide SAP EPC
  • Nationwide Air Pressure Testing
  • Energy Efficiency Rating

From £150 +VAT

How it works

Our technicians are well qualified and extensively experienced in identifying and implementing optimal planned or remedial measures for achieving C02 target emission rates. We work with our clients nationwide to achieve building control approval in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Government policy is for the acceleration on sustainable building to tackle climate change and they have made a firm commitment that all newly built homes from 2016 will be zero carbon.

The result? It’s getting increasingly difficult to achieve building control compliance for new builds.

We offer a comprehensive service included in our price. If SAP compliance is not achieved from the original specification, we can make suggestions for altered or remedial measures that are cost-effective to pass the assessment.

A design stage SAP assessment, showing the calculated ‘as-designed’ emission rate must be provided to Building Control along with a list of specifications – BEFORE any construction can commence.

SAPs and Legislation

SAP EPCs are required for all newly constructed dwellings from 6th April 2008 before a building control completion certificate can be issued.

Predicted EPCs are required for the marketing of dwellings “off plan”.

All of the services mentioned are included in our price.

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