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Energy Performance Services - Property Services

We’ve been working with lettings companies, estate agents and developers up and down the South West for years and we’ve developed a strong service repertoire to suit those relationships.


Returning part of a tenant’s deposit, with deductions made, is one of the most contentious and difficult periods of any tenancy.

Our independent inventories are professionally undertaken, ensuring accuracy, reliability and a comprehensive breakdown of the property’s exact state at the time of inspection. By instructing an independent professional to carry out your inventories, you ensure that disputes can be easily and diplomatically cleared up – without accusations of bias.

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Floor Plans

Using a combination of state-of-the-art software and meticulous attention to detail, we create floor plans up to RICS standards – including dimensions and room names.

Our top-end software means that we can create a first proof before we’ve even left the property and our attractive plans form the centre point of hundreds of property details.

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Legionella Risk Assessments

Landlords and employers have a duty of care to their tenants, employees and anyone under their responsibility, to make sure their health is reasonably protected. The Legionella bacteria is potentially deadly and thorough risk assessments are a must to avoid potentially dire consequences.

Our experienced team can provide risk assessments across Devon & Cornwall, for domestic or commercial buildings and water systems.

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With over 90% of all property buyers now searching online, high-quality pictures have become an essential way of showing off a property.

Our expert photographers can capture the essence of a property, inside and out. Using high-tech equipment, wide angle lenses and tripods – we take pride in the quality of our imagery.

This year, we’ve thrown off the shackles of ground photography and taken to the skies! Our high definition drone photography captures new angles and beautiful vistas for our clients across Devon & Cornwall.

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