Here at EPS, we are one of Devon and Cornwall’s leading providers of property photography – working with estate agents large and small to create beautiful property brochures that sell homes.

Property Marketing Brochures

Recent studies have shown that over 90% of all property buyers searched for their property online. In the modern marketplace, a huge number of properties are sold on the basis of a first impression made on the web. So in that context, high-quality property photography has become an absolute must for any estate or letting agent seeking to impress their clientele.

We provide that photography, combining a great eye for the art of photography with the practical considerations of getting the very best out of every subject, and every set of conditions.

Our property photos – internal and external – form the core of the property brochures they contribute to and we are proud of the impact our photos have on our clients’ sales performance.

Drone Photography

The emergence of drone photography has added another element to the property market and we undertake aerial photo-shoots for a wide variety of reasons:

Marketing High-End Properties

For high value properties, a touch of class often encourages a faster sale. Aerial photography brings a modern, stunning perspective to brochure photography which can really help a potential buyer fall in love with the property.

Our drone team can take high-resolution photographs and videos, to help market any property anywhere in Devon and Cornwall.

Like the above examples, our drones can photograph a property from beautiful new angles.

Diagnosing Difficult-To-See Defects

A building surveyor’s job is never easy, but roof and chimney defects can be particularly difficult to see and diagnose accurately.

Our drones can access new angles for roof surfaces and provide a close up view that is impossible to achieve from the ground. That enables the chartered surveyors and structural engineers that we work with to assess the situation, without the extortionate expense of scaffolding or a cherry picker.

We love seeing unique properties from unique angles, and our defect analysis service helps home owners save thousands in repair bills by catching otherwise invisible defects early.

Property Photography Experts for Devon & Cornwall

Whatever form of photography you need, we’re here to help. If you need more than just photography, why not try one of our property service packages? We can group your photographs with floor plans and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to save you money.

Our combination of technology and experience can get the best out of any property.

Don’t hesitate to speak with our team about pricing and turnaround times.

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