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Property Inventories Across Devon & Cornwall

As from 6th April 2007, tenants’ deposits must be protected by the Government’s Tenant Deposit Scheme, which is designed to ensure that disputes about their return will be resolved swiftly, inexpensively and impartially. However, to reach a resolution, one must have an independent inventory in place.

Ensuring you have a high-quality inventory before any tenant takes residency can save you time and money, ensuring that both landlord and tenant are fully aware of the content and condition of the property. This can reduce the chances of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

As a landlord, without a comprehensive inventory you will have no way of recovering the cost of lost or damaged items within your property. As a letting agent, fewer disputes reflects well on your competency as a management agent. We like making our clients look good!

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Our Inventories

Our inventory reports are straight forward and easy to understand, providing a comprehensive breakdown of the property’s state and contents at the time of inspection; including photographic evidence. We believe that a thorough visual record, as well as the detailed written account, is essential in every case.

We report on not only the fixtures and fittings within the property, but also the condition of each, as well as meter readings, number of keys and the condition of items such as the ceilings, walls, windows, woodwork.

To compliment the initial report, we are also pleased to offer our Devon & Cornwall based clients the following additional services:


We can check tenants into the property at the beginning of a tenancy with our non-biased inventory report. We’ll ensure that it is thoroughly read, the accuracy confirmed and signed.


Our check-out report compares the original inventory and check-in report with the present condition and will detail any items that have been damaged or which require further cleaning to bring back to a satisfactory condition.

Periodic Inspection Report (mid-term report)

Mid-term reports are a summary of the condition and cleanliness of a property halfway through a tenant’s lease. This report will inform the landlord of any problems with the property and of any repairs that need addressing.

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