Air Tightness Testing

Part L Compliance Air Tightness Testing

We are able to provide a full range of air pressure testing services required to comply with the strict air leakage standards of Part L of the Building Regulations. We work with both domestic and commercial buildings on sites across Devon and Cornwall and take pride in making your route to Part L compliance as simple as possible.

Our air leakage tests determine the level of uncontrolled air flow through gaps or cracks in the fabric of the new building. Results are expressed as a quantity of air leakage (m3 per hour) per square metre of building envelope and benchmarked against the current requirement of 10m3/h/m2.

Where even lower requirements are outlined in the design-stage SAP report, our expert consultation can be invaluable to help bring your figure down. We give site-specific, sensible and practical advice – all included within our standard costs.

Prices start from £249 + VAT, with bulk deductions available for multi-property projects. Call us today to discuss your project.

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About air leakage

Air leakage can occur through many places in a building, thus affecting the building’s performance and sustainability. Ensuring a building is airtight allows the internal environment to be controlled effectively – making heating systems considerably more efficient, more environmentally friendly and less expensive to run.

Ensuring a building is airtight with air pressure testing reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat it and thus the CO2 produced. Our fully qualified air tightness testing team are able to support developers with a professional on-site service, using cutting-edge equipment and expertise built up over numerous sites across Devon & Cornwall.

Our air pressure testing service includes not only prompt tests and fast production of certificates, but help in identifying areas of air leakage and giving advice on improvement measures to ensure you obtain the best possible results.

You can read up on the requirements of Part L on the Government website here.

Leave your Part L obligations to us

Our team have all the expertise required to satisfy all of your Part L requirements – whatever the project size.

In addition to air tightness testing, we can provide SAP calculations for design-stage and as-built submissions, and issue an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for each property on completion – including for commercial construction projects.

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We attend sites across Devon & Cornwall, using the latest air-testing equipment (pictured above)

Always time conscious

We know that when it comes to construction projects, time is money.

Our team works exceptionally hard to ensure quick turnaround times, every time. We aim to complete every air tightness testing contract within 7 days of receiving instructions, for any site across Devon & Cornwall.

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Got questions?

We’ve answered a few commonly asked queries below, but don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01288 359 496 if you’d like to speak with one of our testing experts directly.

“What are your site requirements?”

There are five main considerations before air tightness testing can commence:

  • We can only test once the integrity of the structure is complete.
  • Our engineer will need access to an external door.
  • Our engineer will need access to an electrical supply within 25 metres of the doorway.
  • All controlled ventilation openings will be sealed by our team during the testing, so they will need to be clear on arrival. That includes window trickle vents and open flues.
  • The building should be unoccupied during pressure testing. All exits will be sealed, so no personnel should enter or exit.

“What do you need from us?”

Just three things:

  • An email and telephone number for the site manager
  • Floor plans and section drawings
  • Design-stage SAP reports for each dwelling

We offer both floor plan services and SAP reports, so don’t hesitate to ask us how we can reduce your costs by grouping these services together.

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